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From complexity to clarity: How our clients achieve more with Presail

Every operation has its challenges. Explore real-world case studies where Presail provided the solution, offering unparalleled simplicity and efficiency.

Cover photo for Ethlas case study

How Ethlas automated their fundraising and vesting with Presail

Discover how Ethlas, a gaming & blockchain software company, automated their entire fundraising and vesting process through Presail. Learn how they navigated various investor segments, managed multiple investment rounds, and designed a comprehensive token distribution plan tailored to their vesting schedules.
Cover photo for TPC case study

How The Presale Club transformed its investment operations with Presail

Discover how TPC, a pioneering investment group in the web3 ecosystem, transitioned from manual methods to a streamlined investment management system. Learn how they leveraged Presail’s comprehensive platform to enhance investor satisfaction and scale their community to over 10,000 members.
Cover photo for Mozaic case study

How Mozaic successfully reached their fundraising goal with Presail

Discover how Mozaic, an innovative yield optimization platform in web3, filled their entire raise with hundreds of investors in a matter of minutes. Explore how they catered to their vast investor base, met their custom branding requirements, and offered investors comprehensive tracking in all aspects of their raise.
Cover photo for Great Ape Ventures case study

How Great Ape Ventures transformed investor engagement and compliance with Presail

Discover how Great Ape Ventures, a renowned blockchain collective, revolutionized their venture capital operations using Presail. Learn about their streamlined investor engagement, automated compliance, and seamless data transition, all powered by Presail's comprehensive tools.
Cover photo for Castrum Capital case study

How Castrum Capital centralized their operations and supercharged investor relations with Presail

Delve into how Castrum Capital, a distinctive venture capital firm inspired by Roman valor, reshaped their web 3.0 investment approach using Presail. Uncover their journey to centralizing operations, ensuring precision-driven token distributions, and fostering unparalleled transparency and trust among their investor community.
Cover photo for PG Capital case study

How PG Capital seamlessly transitioned and optimized back office operations with Presail

Explore how PG Capital, a foundational force in the DeFi ecosystem, navigated the challenges of transitioning vast legacy data while optimizing their back office operations. Witness their transformative journey with Presail, from seamless data migration to crafting cutting-edge investment strategies in the dynamic blockchain landscape.

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