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Bring your investments
with you.
No Spreadsheet left behind.

You can bring your past investments and cap tables to Presail.
We’ll import them for you.

35,000 people have invested $150M in 1700 projects through Presail.
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Unlock all our features.
Just send us your Spreadsheet.

Manage your investors, cap table, distribute tokens, and give your investors their own overview. You can even enable OTC.

Investor Portal.

Provide your investors with a portal to manage their investments and track vesting progress.

Cap table management.

Keep your cap table and user information organized and up-to-date with ease.

Token vesting.

Quickly and accurately distribute tokens to the right investors.

Simple, yet powerful UI.

Experience how much more in control, and productive you will be when you don't have to use Spreadsheets.

OTC secondaries.

Allow your investors to sell and buy allocations, powered by your cap table. Your cap table is always updated to reflect any change.

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