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Why customers call us a game-changer

Single source of truth

Consolidate all essential data, including past investments, on one platform to create a single, reliable source for you and your investors.

Simplify your token distributions

Distribute tokens confidently from one platform, with verified allocations and automated calculations of each investor's token share.

Unlock a new revenue stream

Convert past investments into revenue by importing them, enabling OTC trading, and earning fees from each completed OTC trade by your investors.

Real stories, real results

“We’re very happy about teaming up with Presail. Together, we’re changing the game for creators in the Ronin community by making fundraising way easier. This partnership isn’t just about streamlining investments; it’s about opening doors to new co-investment opportunities in Ronin’s gaming projects, which is a big win for our community.”

Aleksander Larsen

COO & Co-founder Sky Mavis & Ronin

“Partnering with Presail has been a monumental success for SubQuery. Their expertise facilitated the efficient processing and KYC of nearly 10,000 individuals, leading to the remarkable feat of raising $5M within just 2 hours. This level of precision and scale is unmatched, providing us with a secure and trustworthy fundraising experience. Presail has proven to be the ideal partner for any large-scale, high-stakes project, delivering outstanding results and instilling confidence in our community.”

Sam Zou

CEO, SubQuery

“Switching to Presail revolutionized our operational workflow. What was once a maze of spreadsheets and manual tasks has become a streamlined, compliant operation, letting us focus on scaling. It's a night-and-day difference”


COO, Cryptopia Group

The smartest Web 3.0 teams use Presails infrastructure to scale

Seamless imports, unified functionality

Upload spreadsheets or CSVs to instantly access Presail's features, from investor management to OTC trading and automated token distribution, turning your data into action.

Investor Portal Integration

Provide your investors with a one-stop hub for effortlessly managing and monitoring their investment activities.

Unified Allocation Management

Establish a single, reliable source for all investment records, ensuring they remain accurate and current.

OTC Marketplace Compatibility

Facilitate smooth allocation trades, offering your investors enhanced liquidity options while you earn through commissions.

Automated Token Distributions

Distribute tokens with unmatched accuracy to hundreds of investors at the click of a button. Seamless, swift, and spot-on every time.


Common questions, straight answers.

Is deal importing an extra cost?

Importing deals comes at no additional charge and is included in all of our plans. Whether you have zero deals or 200, it's all part of the package.

Can deals in progress be imported?

Absolutely. Many of our clients choose to import all their deals—whether they're mid-vesting, completed, or about to start. This ensures Presail serves as a single, reliable source of information for you and your investors. With a mid-vesting deal, you can still proceed with token distributions using Presail's platform.

What's the time frame for importing deals?

The actual import typically takes 1-2 minutes per deal. Before getting started, we schedule a 30-minute session with you to review the data structure, ensuring that the import aligns perfectly with your data columns.

How do past deals get imported?

All you need to do is provide us with your spreadsheets. We'll take it from there, meticulously examining the structured data and automating the entire import process. You don't have to lift a finger. After the import is completed, we'll jointly review the data to validate its accuracy as a standard security measure.

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