What is investment infrastructure ?

Web 3.0 is disrupting finance. Bringing a wave of innovation that’s transforming the way founders and investors operate. In this new era, we’re leaving behind fiat currencies and equity for a world powered by stable-coins and tokens. As BlackRock CEO Larry Fink recently highlighted, “the next generation for markets, the next generation for securities, will be the tokenization of securities.”

For companies to reach their full potential, they need a thriving ecosystem that nurtures visionary founders and provides essential capital. As Web 3.0 gains adoption, the demand for cutting-edge investment infrastructure grows. Without a standardized, dependable system, founders and investors may miss opportunities to support and grow innovative companies that shape our future.

Web 3.0 is also reshaping the financial landscape with innovative investment structures like investment groups and DAOs, challenging traditional VC funding. These innovative models enable individuals from all backgrounds to collaborate and invest in startups. In contrast, today’s private market primarily caters to VCs, sidelining everyday individuals.

But these new investment models come with their own challenges. Picture orchestrating a token sale for 400 investors. Founders and investment groups face an enormous task: navigating complex KYC processes, collecting funds from each investor, ensuring every detail is up-to-date and accurate, and distributing tokens. This complex process entails managing and coordinating spreadsheets, Google Forms, DocuSign, Google Docs, and many other tools, demanding significant time investment during the fundraiser and in the following years. As a result, they become entangled in a suffocating web of operational tasks. This inefficient process increases the risk of errors and miscommunication and diverts attention from the main goal: nurturing innovation and supporting groundbreaking projects.

An industry that leads in innovation continues to rely heavily on spreadsheets for its operations.

To tackle these challenges, Web 3.0 needs its own investment infrastructure. An infrastructure that empowers an investment group of 400 people to operate as efficiently as a VC firm, while simultaneously streamlining token vesting and fundraising processes for projects.

At Presail, we’re on a mission to lead the creation of this new Web 3.0 investment infrastructure category. Our in-depth knowledge of the challenges founders and investors face helps us create and implement easy-to-use, standardized solutions that unlock the true power of Web 3.0 investments.

Let’s create a reliable, unified infrastructure that everyone can trust, resembling the systems traditional startups and venture capitalists employ. This streamlined system will allow founders and investors to concentrate on their objectives and save time and resources that makeshift support systems would otherwise consume.

By accomplishing this, we lay the foundation for modernizing outdated investment methods and fostering a more inclusive financial landscape. When we reach that milestone, we’ll have achieved true success.

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