Great Ape Ventures

How Great Ape Ventures transformed investor engagement and compliance with Presail

Key achievements

Decrease in manual task management.
Increase in investment efficiency.

About Great Ape Ventures

Great Ape Ventures is a collective of experienced blockchain insiders who have access to early access, seed, and private funding rounds of high-profile crypto projects.

Great Ape Ventures places its community at the heart of its operations and is committed to democratizing participation in blockchain project funding, and extending funding opportunities whenever possible to others on a simple and transparent low-percentage fee.

Great Ape Ventures
Presail products adopted
Investor Portal, Compliance, Imports

Challenges: maintaining investor engagement & ensuring compliance

As Great Ape Ventures’ investor base expanded, engaging and communicating with investors became increasingly challenging. Moreover, the complex regulatory landscape required rigorous compliance checks, which were time-consuming and often led to delays.

The turning point: Centralizing Investor Engagement & Streamlining Compliance

Recognizing the need for a more efficient system, Great Ape Ventures turned to Presail. They were particularly drawn to the Investor Portal, which promised a unified communication platform and the Back Office Compliance tools that ensured automated and fast background screenings.

The Presail solution: A Unified Hub & Automated Compliance

With Presail's Investor Portal, Great Ape Ventures provided their investors with a central hub to track and manage their investments. Automated notifications, real-time updates, and a user-friendly interface significantly enhanced the investor experience.

The Back Office Compliance tools automated Great Ape Ventures’ KYC and AML checks, ensuring swift and thorough investor validation. The Imports feature allowed for a smooth transition, ensuring data consistency and unlocking all of Presail's advanced features.

"The integration of Presail's Investor Portal and Compliance suite has revolutionized our operations. We've seen a tremendous uptick in investor satisfaction, and the automated compliance checks have made our processes agile and hassle-free."
The impact: Elevated Investor Satisfaction & Streamlined Operations

Great Ape Ventures experienced a significant enhancement in investor satisfaction post the integration of Presail. The automated compliance checks streamlined their operations, ensuring faster approvals and onboarding. With Presail, Great Ape Ventures found the perfect blend of investor engagement and operational efficiency.

"The decision to adopt Presail's suite of tools was pivotal. We've not only optimized our operations but have also set a new standard in investor relations. The future looks promising with Presail by our side."
Why Presail was the right fit for Great Ape Ventures
  • Unified Investor Engagement: The Investor Portal ensured that Great Ape Ventures' investors had a one-stop hub for all their investment needs, leading to heightened satisfaction.
  • Automated Compliance: With Presail's Back Office Compliance, Great Ape Ventures could ensure rigorous compliance checks without the associated delays.
  • Smooth Transition: The Imports feature ensured that Great Ape Ventures could seamlessly transition to Presail, without any data inconsistencies.

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