How Ethlas automated their fundraising and vesting with Presail

Key achievements

Increase in Capital Efficiency
Faster Token Distribution Cycles
Presail has been a cornerstone in our rapid scaling efforts. It empowered us to launch several of our fundraising rounds seamlessly without having to develop anything. We manage all our raises and vesting schedules through Presail, which as a result lets us fully devote our time and energy to the continued development of Ethlas.


Head of Engineering & Co-founder

About Ethlas

Officially launched in January 2022, Ethlas is a gaming & blockchain software company that aims to engineer the future of gaming by leveraging Web3. The company is headquartered in Singapore, with remote offices globally. Founded by leaders from tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Airbnb, and Grab, Ethlas is backed by a robust portfolio of investors, including Sequoia Capital India, Makers Fund, and Dragonfly Capital.

Presail products adopted
Fundraising, Allocation Management, Token Distribution, Imports

Challenges: from innovation to investor management

Ethlas found itself at a crossroads. On one hand, they were pushing the boundaries of Web3 gaming innovation. On the other, they wanted to streamline their fundraising workflows. This became particularly pressing as they considered launching a public fundraising round—an endeavor fraught with logistical hurdles.

The turning point: preparing for public fundraising

The prospect of a public fundraising round underscored the need for Ethlas to enhance its operational setup. They wanted to be ready for the increased investor interest that a public round would generate across various chains. This realization led them to seek a specialized solution, and they found Presail to be the perfect fit.

The Presail Solution: centralizing operations and enabling public fundraising

Presail’s platform didn’t just solve Ethlas’ immediate needs; it acted as a catalyst for their strategic goals. The Fundraising and Allocation Management modules enabled Ethlas to successfully execute their public fundraising round, and to customise their a raise for a variety of different investors.

"Presail’s platform made what seemed like an overwhelming public round a complete success. The ability to manage hundreds of investors through a single interface was and is a major timesaver. We were able to skip all the tedious manual tasks."
– Henry, Co-founder, Ethlas

Impact: reimagining fundraising capabilities and vesting management

Implementing Presail resulted in transformative changes for Ethlas. Not only did they successfully achieve their fundraising goals in a safe way, but they found a scalable solution on how to distribute tokens to investors according to their various vesting schedules. This operational prowess has allowed Ethlas to focus more on its core competency: pioneering Web3 gaming experiences.

"Presail has been a game-changer, literally and figuratively. We reached our fundraising goals and solved the headache of airdropping tokens to investors in a safe way. It is nice to know that we don’t have to worry, and that we have a clear plan for how to manage all our vesting schedules."
– Henry, Co-founder, Ethlas

Why Presail was the right fit for Ethlas
  • Specialized fundraising capabilities: Presail’s robust fundraising and allocation management modules made it possible for Ethlas to conduct a complex public fundraising round.
  • Focus on Innovation: With Presail handling the complexities of investor management and token distribution, Ethlas could dedicate more resources to innovation in Web3 gaming.
  • Precision through automation: With Presail’s tools, Ethlas navigated diverse investor segments, investment rounds, and vesting schedules, transforming complexity into streamlined operations.

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