Protect your business, and scale with confidence.

Protect your business from legal harm by ensuring you can comply with relevant laws and regulations, shielding you from potential fines and audits.

1000s of investors have done KYC on Presail.
1.5M wallets and transactions scanned.

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Presail is backed by Kraken Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Snö, Skyfall, Weekend Fund, the CEO of AngelList, and many more.

Avlok Kohli
Avlok Kohli
CEO, AngelList
AngelList Venture
Aleksander Larsen
Aleksander Larsen
COO, Sky Mavis / Axie Infinity
Sky Mavis / Axie
Avlok Kohli
Jessica Toy
Director of Product, AngelList
AngelList Venture
Weekend FundKraken VenturesSNÖSkyfallGFC

one step ahead

Stay compliant and ahead of the game.

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements and avoid being caught off guard. With Presail Compliance, you'll have the necessary tools to detect and mitigate potential AML risk.

Our powerful KYC verification system ensures that you only onboard trusted members, while our on-chain transaction screening technology scans wallets and flags potential risk.

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AML Risk detection

Avoid costly fines and reputation damage.

Compliance is an essential element in building trust with your investors. Presail Compliance helps mitigate compliance risks by providing an AML risk detection and KYC verification system.

This helps keep your investment process secure and compliant, reducing the risk of costly fines and reputation damage.

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Continuous monitoring

Always-on monitoring.

Our AML risk detection tools help you detect and flag high-risk transactions and members, allowing you to take appropriate action. While our KYC verification process ensures that your investors are who they say they are.

Don't let compliance be a headache – use Presail to help you be compliant.

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“The work which Presail are doing on compliance is excellent.  They are clearly investing a lot of time and effort into ensuring their clients have the very best service. We have found their assistance in this area to be extremely valuable as we navigate through the complex world of compliance.”

Richie · COO at Cryptopia Group
Presail security and compliance audits


An ambitious system for ambitious clients.

A system uniquely tailored to the people challenging the traditional way of investing.

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