Seamless crypto fundraising, regardless of scale

Elevate your Web 3.0 fundraising game with a perfect blend of customizability and user-friendliness, delivering your users a seamless on-brand, investor experience.

Why organizations choose Presail as their crypto fundraising platform

Raise funds on-brand

Launch secure fundraising and crowdfunding projects and campaigns effortlessly, customizing them with your domain, logo, and colors—no coding required.

Collect funds with ease

Collect funds reliably from thousands of investors. Our payment system validates each funding transaction and our technology supports multi-currency fundraising across  chains.

Tailor the rules to your needs

Tailor your fundraising to your specific needs, from adjusting investor access, funding amount, and limits to embedding KYC & AML in personalized forms.

Real stories, real results

“Presail is a lifesaver for our investment group. It’s our command center for day-to-day operations. With everything in one place, we’ve regained control and can now offer investment opportunities to our investor group effortlessly”



“Switching to Presail revolutionized our operational workflow. What was once a maze of spreadsheets and manual tasks has become a streamlined, compliant operation, letting us focus on scaling. It's a night-and-day difference”


COO, Cryptopia Group

“Presail’s simple user experience and custom branding allowed us to provide an exceptional experience for our investors during our raise. It was critical for us that the platform was robust. We had a large number of investors that contributed simultaneously without experiencing any issues, and we reached our entire fundraising target in minutes.”


Co-founder, Ethlas

Trusted by hundreds of Web 3.0 investment groups and projects

Unlock your full fundraising potential

Discover a suite of features crafted to simplify your fundraising journey—automated, secure, flexible, and tailored to your unique needs.

Customizable Fundraising Rules

Tailor your raise with flexible access, investment limits, and fees, allowing various groups in your community to participate.

Personalized Branding

Use your own domain, logo, and brand colors to create a fundraising page that’s distinctly yours.

Embedded Payment System

Let investors invest through a secure payment system that is automatically verified and cross-referenced against blockchain data.

Investor Portal

Give every single one of your investors access to a specialized portal for real-time updates on their investment activities.

Real-Time Cap Table Updates

Manage refunds, investor money reallocations, and details effortlessly, with a cap table that updates automatically.

OTC Trading Support

Offer your investors seamless OTC trading options that are fully automated, providing added liquidity.

Customizable Forms

Collect necessary consents and any additional investor information through tailored forms.

Secure Investor Verification

Implement KYC protocols and screen against OFAC sanctions lists to ensure your future investments are secure and compliant.


Common questions, straight answers.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to raise funds?

You can raise funds through all major stablecoins, ETH, and BNB. The chain you collect funds through is not tied to the chain you need to distribute tokens on, so you can raise funds regardless of which chain you plan to distribute tokens on.

Where do I receive all the contributions?

Every contribution is transferred directly to your chosen EVM-compatible wallet. Through our integrated payment system, all transactions remain decentralized. Remember, we never retain or handle your funds.

Can I receive investments in fiat currency?

While you don’t have a direct FIAT-onramp, we have designed our platform to consider FIAT contributions in your overall cap table. Our specialized import tool can add your FIAT contributions into the token vesting overview, side-by-side with digital asset contributions.

Does Presail connect me with investors or help with the promotion of my fundraise?

No, we do not assist in promoting projects or funds. Our primary focus is on providing you with a top-notch user experience and robust platform functionality, not on marketing or business promotion.

What types of entities is the fundraising system tailored for?

If you are managing a project or investment group and aim to have a seamless fundraising journey, Presail is tailored for you. You can design branded fundraising web pages, integrate a trusted payment system, initiate fundraising campaigns, and access advanced allocation breakdowns based on set vesting schedules.

What is the cost of using Presail?

If you want to see our subscription options, you can check out our pricing page. You can choose between a standard plan at $590 USD and a premium one at $789 USD monthly. Both plans have unique platform customizations and tools. Additionally, for funds raised, there is a 1.5% commission.

Still have questions?

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