Key products covered

1. Fundraising

Bridging intricate customization with effortless usability, enhance your fundraising for a tailored and seamless investor engagement.

2. Allocation Management

Maintain a single source of truth for all investments, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records.

3. Token distribution

Distribute tokens with unmatched accuracy to hundreds of investors at the click of a button. Seamless, swift, and spot-on every time.

4. OTC Marketplace

Enable seamless trading of allocations, offering your investors liquidity while generating passive revenue through commissions.

5. Investor Portal

Empower your investors with a centralized hub to manage and track their investments.

6. Compliance

Streamline your KYC, AML, and more with automated background screenings, ensuring effortless and thorough investor validation.

The smartest Web 3.0 teams use Presails infrastructure to scale

Real stories, real results

“We’re very happy about teaming up with Presail. Together, we’re changing the game for creators in the Ronin community by making fundraising way easier. This partnership isn’t just about streamlining investments; it’s about opening doors to new co-investment opportunities in Ronin’s gaming projects, which is a big win for our community.”

Aleksander Larsen

COO & Co-founder Sky Mavis & Ronin

“Partnering with Presail has been a monumental success for SubQuery. Their expertise facilitated the efficient processing and KYC of nearly 10,000 individuals, leading to the remarkable feat of raising $5M within just 2 hours. This level of precision and scale is unmatched, providing us with a secure and trustworthy fundraising experience. Presail has proven to be the ideal partner for any large-scale, high-stakes project, delivering outstanding results and instilling confidence in our community.”

Sam Zou

CEO, SubQuery

“Switching to Presail revolutionized our operational workflow. What was once a maze of spreadsheets and manual tasks has become a streamlined, compliant operation, letting us focus on scaling. It's a night-and-day difference”


COO, Cryptopia Group


Common questions, straight answers.

What's the cost for using Presail?

Presail offers a subscription model with a monthly fee of $590 USD. On top of that, we charge a 1.5% commission on all the funds you raise through our platform. Both are billed on a monthly basis.

Which blockchains and currencies does Presail support?

Presail currently supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Arbitrum for fundraising, accepting major stablecoins, ETH, and BNB. As for token distribution, we offer compatibility with multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Fantom. Our list of supported chains is continually growing.

How does the contribution process work and where do the funds go?

With Presail, you can customize a fundraising form on your own branded page. Investors contribute through this form via our integrated payment gateway. Every contribution is automatically verified and matched, with payments sent directly to your designated EVM wallet. Importantly, Presail never holds or controls your funds at any point.

How is data secured and stored on Presail?

We adhere to industry-leading security practices to safeguard your data. All stored personal information is encrypted using AES-GCM and transmitted securely via HTTPS/TLS 1.2. Our data storage and processing are GDPR compliant and continuously backed up for quick restoration in any emergency.

How can I distribute tokens to my investors?

Presail's unique bulk distribution smart contract allows you to effortlessly send tokens to an unlimited number of investors in a single transaction. Our system does the heavy lifting for you by calculating each investor's share of the tokens and presenting a detailed breakdown for every distribution batch, thus eliminating manual work.

Make complex investment processes a thing of the past

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