Effortlessly manage token distribution and vesting schedules.

Quickly and accurately distribute tokens to the right investors. Say goodbye to spreadsheet headaches and hello to streamlined token distribution.

92% of our customers come from Spreadsheets.
60% have made a mistake with a distribution before Presail.

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Presail is backed by Kraken Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Snö, Skyfall, Weekend Fund, the CEO of AngelList, and many more.

Avlok Kohli
Avlok Kohli
CEO, AngelList
AngelList Venture
Aleksander Larsen
Aleksander Larsen
COO, Sky Mavis / Axie Infinity
Sky Mavis / Axie
Avlok Kohli
Jessica Toy
Director of Product, AngelList
AngelList Venture
Weekend FundKraken VenturesSNÖSkyfallGFC

TOKEN distribution

Exactly how you would have done it. But done for you.

Unlock the power of automatic distribution with just a click of a button. It’s like having a personal assistant who effortlessly calculates and distributes tokens to every investor for all your deals—giving you more time to focus on what matters.

  • Deal management


Rely on automation and tools to get the job done.

Presail will generate a breakdown of the token distribution, and adjust itself to the vesting schedule you've set.

You get to see which investor gets what number of tokens, and give the final go before it's distributed with Presail's audited smart contract.

  • Create a deal
Presail supported chains: Ethereum, Binance, Avalanche, Polygon and Fantom

investor portal

Give your investors the overview they've been asking you for.

Once the tokens are distributed, every investor will receive an email notifying them that the tokens has arrived.

In addition every investor can view, and track the token distribution through the investor portal. Giving them an easy to use overview to track vesting prorgess, ROI, and at what time tokens have been sent, and when they can expect the next distribution.

  • Picture of investor portal


“Presail is essential to our daily activities. It’s how we handle everything from deal flow to vesting schedules to token distributions.”

Kamran · Co-founder of MH Ventures
Presail security and compliance audits


An ambitious system for ambitious clients.

A system uniquely tailored to the people challenging the traditional way of investing.

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