Effortlessly manage token vesting and distribution

Distribute tokens with unmatched accuracy to hundreds of investors at the click of a button—seamless, swift, and spot-on every time.

Why customers call our token vesting a game-changer

Distribute tokens without worries

Distribute tokens confidently, with verified investments matched to allocations and automated calculation of each investor's token share.

Customize your vesting schedule

Gain complete control over past and future distributions by inputting your vesting schedule and receiving detailed breakdowns of each token batch to distribute.

Distribute to thousands with one TX

Skip the hassle and cost of a claiming portal. Distribute tokens to all investors at once using a secure bulk-distribution smart contract.

The smartest Web 3.0 teams use Presails infrastructure to scale

Real stories, real results

“We’re very happy about teaming up with Presail. Together, we’re changing the game for creators in the Ronin community by making fundraising way easier. This partnership isn’t just about streamlining investments; it’s about opening doors to new co-investment opportunities in Ronin’s gaming projects, which is a big win for our community.”

Aleksander Larsen

COO & Co-founder Sky Mavis & Ronin

“Partnering with Presail has been a monumental success for SubQuery. Their expertise facilitated the efficient processing and KYC of nearly 10,000 individuals, leading to the remarkable feat of raising $5M within just 2 hours. This level of precision and scale is unmatched, providing us with a secure and trustworthy fundraising experience. Presail has proven to be the ideal partner for any large-scale, high-stakes project, delivering outstanding results and instilling confidence in our community.”

Sam Zou

CEO, SubQuery

“Switching to Presail revolutionized our operational workflow. What was once a maze of spreadsheets and manual tasks has become a streamlined, compliant operation, letting us focus on scaling. It's a night-and-day difference”


COO, Cryptopia Group

Token distribution mastery

Automate your token distributions with audited smart contracts, economical gas fees, and investor-centric tools, all tailored for seamless operations in the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ecosystem.

Audited & Secure Smart Contracts

Our smart contracts have been rigorously tested and audited by Certik, ensuring a solid foundation.

Vesting Management

Set up a schedule with your unique token vesting, cliffs, and lockups, and see precisely how many tokens to send in each batch.

Automated Token Calculations

Experience the ease of having all your investors' token allocations be automatically and accurately calculated for you.

Minimized Gas Costs

Our system is fine-tuned to minimize gas fees, offering you an economical advantage.

Investor portal

Grant investors their own dedicated portal for tracking vesting progress and upcoming token distributions.

Exclusively EVM-Compatible

We focus on excellence in a specific realm—Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, serving you best in what we do well.

Error-Free Operations

Leave manual setups behind. With Presail, you'll experience the assurance and control of an error-free environment.

Controlled Automation

We temper full automation with human oversight. At Presail, you'll have the final say before any action is taken, mitigating risks.


Common questions, straight answers.

Where can I access your smart contract audit report?

We take security seriously at Presail, and we're pleased to say that our smart contracts have undergone rigorous auditing by Certik. If you're interested in viewing the detailed audit report, we invite you to contact us through the chat support located at the bottom-right corner of your screen.

What blockchain networks are supported for token distribution?

Presail offers token distribution capabilities across a diverse range of blockchains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Fantom. Our commitment to versatility ensures that we're continuously expanding support for additional blockchain networks.

Is token claiming required for investors?

No, token claiming is not a requirement on the Presail platform. We've engineered a bulk distribution smart contract that allows for the mass transfer of tokens to an unlimited number of investors with a single transaction. Tokens are automatically deposited into the respective wallets of investors, negating the need for manual claiming.

Do investors receive notifications for token distributions?

Yes, investor communication is a top priority for us. When you initiate a token distribution, an automated yet personalized email is dispatched to each investor. We also provide real-time updates on vesting schedules within each investor's portal, including the transaction hash for complete transparency. Additionally, we have an automated Telegram bot that announces token distributions, keeping your community informed at all times.

Are there any fees for token distribution?

Presail does not impose any additional fees for the token distribution process. However, the person responsible for initiating the distribution will need to cover the blockchain's associated gas fees for the onchain bulk transfer.

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