Say goodbye to manual errors with synchronized and editable investment records

Maintain a single source of truth for all investments, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records.

Why organizations choose Presail to manage all their fundraises

Get a single source of truth

Consolidate all essential data on one platform, from an overview of your fundraising to managing vesting schedules.

Save time through automation

Experience the ease of automatic and accurate calculation of all your investors' token allocations.

Eliminate the risk of manual errors

Rest easy knowing all investments, wallets, refunds, OTC trades, and distributions are instantly synced, keeping your data current.

Real stories, real results

“Presail is a lifesaver for our investment group. It’s our command center for day-to-day operations. With everything in one place, we’ve regained control and can now offer investment opportunities to our investor group effortlessly”



“Switching to Presail revolutionized our operational workflow. What was once a maze of spreadsheets and manual tasks has become a streamlined, compliant operation, letting us focus on scaling. It's a night-and-day difference”


COO, Cryptopia Group

“Presail’s simple user experience and custom branding allowed us to provide an exceptional experience for our investors during our raise. It was critical for us that the platform was robust. We had a large number of investors that contributed simultaneously without experiencing any issues, and we reached our entire fundraising target in minutes.”


Co-founder, Ethlas

Trusted by hundreds of Web 3.0 investment groups and projects

Enjoy a single source of truth

Get a complete overview of every single raise, vesting schedule, investor, and allocation through one interface.

Investor Management

Get an in-depth profile of each investor, showcasing socials, investments, and allocations in an intuitive, editable format.

Investor Portal

Provide every single investor with access to a portal where they can easily track all their investment details.

Instant Allocation Synchronization

Investments, distributions, and OTC trades are auto-synced, always providing you and your investor with updated info.

OTC Trading Support

Let investors trade in your automated OTC marketplace, with every trade automatically updating your cap table.

Tier Management

Sort your investors into different tiers or sub-groups, and flexibly define investment limits and fee structures for each tier.

Refund Management

Refund one or multiple investors instantly and automatically using our embedded refund smart contract.

Advanced Investor Analytics

Obtain holistic analytics of your investors, highlighting top contributors, investor activity and investment frequency.

KYC Management

Unlock essential KYC insights regarding your investors’ nationalities, risk scores, and key compliance reports.


Common questions, straight answers.

Can I set a minimum investment amount?

Yes, this can be tailored in your fundraising settings. You can determine variable investment limits, set fundraising goals, and decide on fees, all while retaining the flexibility to make adjustments during your raise.

Can I control who gets access to my raises?

You can easily customize who can access your raises. Decide if you want the access to be whitelist-only, private, or public. You can combine these three options within a single raise. For each access type you choose, you’ll receive a unique investment link to share with your investors.

Can I manage my past completed raises on Presail?

You can import your complete fundraising history into Presail. This not only allows you to distribute tokens and initiate OTC trading for all your raises but also streamlines investor management. It also provides investors with an avenue to easily view their past investments within their investor portal.

Can I add other team members to help manage my platform?

Yes, you can add an unlimited number of team members as administrators of your platform. You add other administrators by assigning access to the wallet addresses of your choice.

What kind of information can my investors track inside their portal?

Your investors receive a comprehensive summary of their previous investments, allocations, token distributions, OTC trades, and refunds. Additionally, they can monitor upcoming token distributions and trade allocations with other investors in your OTC marketplace.

Does Presail support NFT or Token based tiers?

With the whitelist access method, you can ensure that only individuals holding a specific NFT or a designated number of tokens can participate in a raise. You can easily customize this for each individual raise and set unique investment criteria for various tiers.

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