Presail for L1 & L2 blockchains

Boost adoption and MAU with a ready-to-go investment layer

Make your chain the home for tomorrows unicorns. Facilitate native fundraising, recover lost volume, and bolster your ecosystem.

To L1 & L2 blockchains

Dear Head of Ecosystem & CMO…

You've put in the hard work. Your developer guides are top-notch; your presence at major events has not gone unnoticed, and your active social media channels are abuzz. You've built a supportive community and have effectively spread the word about the benefits of your chain.

Here's a fresh perspective on ecosystem growth: Position your chain as the primary hub for innovation. In crypto, projects often need to raise funds from numerous investors, a process that can be challenging. This daunting aspect drives many to fundraise on chains like BSC, even if their preference lies with yours. And we'd know, we facilitate most of them.

Each time this occurs, it's not merely the funds that get diverted but a missed opportunity for more individuals to engage with your chain, send their first transaction, bridge assets, and create a new wallet.

Now, visualize the impact if an immensely popular project opted for your chain. This could translate to hundreds of thousands of additional active users on your platform.

The concept is straightforward: Reclaim fundraising and simplify it on your chain. Forge a hospitable environment for all aspiring project initiators, ensuring that all fundraising aspects are uncomplicated and smooth on your chain.

Presail gives you a full ready to-go investment layer to put on top of your chain. Instantly support fundraising, token vesting, OTC trading, and complex tasks such as KYC & AML compliance. A gift your community will love you for, and that help ensure that promising projects of the future select your chain as their base.

How does it work?

Phase 1: Planning

At the beginning of our collaboration, we spend two weeks thoroughly understanding your chain and its ecosystem. We identify desired features and consult with your developers to estimate integration time. After two weeks, we provide a detailed proposal with a timeline.

Phase 2: Integration

A complete integration usually takes 60 days. However, our involvement doesn't end there. We immerse ourselves in your community and collaborate on keynotes, AMAs, and events. During this phase, we also strategize on announcing the launch to your ecosystem.

Phase 3: Post-Integration Support

After integration, we shift to a support role, ensuring seamless operations and addressing concerns. We monitor our integration's performance and collect community feedback for improvements. We also collaborate with your team to seek growth opportunities, guaranteeing our joint venture's ongoing success.

Crypto fundraising

Delightful to use.
Heavy on features

Automate your fundraising securely and reliably without building your own platform. Create on-brand investment opportunities that will impress your investors.

Customize your campaign with flexible rules for investor eligibility, variable fees, and allocation preferences—all in one seamless setup.

Collect funds securely and direct them to your preferred wallet. Transactions are authenticated and investor token allocations are auto-calculated.

Create custom forms to gather essential investor information and enhance your pitch with social links, images, and videos—all in one place.

Product image of crypto fundraising platform
Product image of Allocation Management
Allocation management

Spread thin by spreadsheets? Retake control

Allocation management ensures full control over your investments and investors. Swap manual tasks and scattered spreadsheets for a single, reliable source that benefits both you and your investors.

Keep track of how much you have raised, who you have raised it from, and how many tokens each individual is owed. Everything is calculated for you and managed in one place.

Keep user data current with a unified platform that syncs investor changes, refunds, and OTC transactions across all deals.

Offer investors a dedicated portal where they can log in to monitor their investments, assess their, and remain updated on future distributions.

Token distributions

Effortlessly distribute tokens to investors

Simplify operations and minimize errors with a secure platform that automates token distributions. Save time and keep investors updated on their progress.

Effortlessly set up vesting schedules and get detailed batch breakdowns for token distribution. Each investor's allocation is automatically calculated.

Distribute tokens securely with our audited bulk-transfer smart contract. Send tokens to thousands of investors in a single transaction, no claiming portals needed.

Keep investors informed. After each token distribution, they receive an email confirmation and can see real-time progress in their investor portal.

Product image of token vesting distribution
Product image of OTC Marketplace
OTC Marketplace

Boost revenue by empowering investors

Increase your revenue with an integrated OTC marketplace, enabling your investors to trade their allocations between each-other, while you charge a commission.

Turn past fundraisers into ongoing revenue streams by earning commissions on OTC trades right within your platform.

Boost OTC trading volume through a streamlined payment system that ensures quick settlements and real-time updates on token allocations.

Grant investors the freedom to buy and sell allocations, thus lowering the entry barriers for new investors and freeing up capital for your next fundraising efforts.

Investor Portal

Empower your investors with real-time insights

Give your investors the transparency and control they desire through a centralized hub to effortlessly manage and track their investments.

Add substantial value to your community by providing each investor with a personalized portal to monitor their investments, allocations, and distributions.

Ditch the manual updates and embrace automatic synchronization. Every transaction is instantly recorded and visible to investors within their portal.

Cut down on time spent answering repetitive questions about updates or vesting schedules, as investors can now independently track their investment journey.


No legal surprises, just peace of mind

Presail's compliance services streamline your KYC/AML process in-house. Access customized FAQs, templates, and risk reports, all tailored to your business needs.

Simplify KYC for your investors with embedded ID and biometric verification.

Our AML process combines tech and human insight to detect potential fraud and money laundering, instantly alerting our compliance team for in-depth review.

Your financial security is paramount. Presail rigorously adheres to AML, CTF, and global sanctions protocols, while also safeguarding investor data and privacy.


Common questions, straight answers.

Which blockchains and currencies does Presail support?

Presail currently supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Arbitrum for fundraising, accepting major stablecoins, ETH, and BNB. As for token distribution, we offer compatibility with multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Fantom. Our list of supported chains is continually growing.

How does the contribution process work and where do the funds go?

With Presail, you can customize a fundraising form on your own branded page. Investors contribute through this form via our integrated payment gateway. Every contribution is automatically verified and matched, with payments sent directly to your designated EVM wallet. Presail never holds or controls your funds at any point.

How is data secured and stored on Presail?

We adhere to industry-leading security practices to safeguard your data. All stored personal information is encrypted using AES-GCM and transmitted securely via HTTPS/TLS 1.2. Our data storage and processing are GDPR compliant and continuously backed up for quick restoration in any emergency.

How can I distribute tokens to my investors?

Presail's unique bulk distribution smart contract allows you to effortlessly send tokens to an unlimited number of investors in a single transaction. Our system does the heavy lifting for you by calculating each investor's share of the tokens and presenting a detailed breakdown for every distribution batch, thus eliminating manual work.

Boost adoption and MAU with a ready-to-go investment layer

Make your chain the home for tomorrows unicorns. Facilitate native fundraising, recover lost volume, and bolster your ecosystem.