Giving people access
to the private market.

Founded by Web 3.0 enthusiasts with seven years of experience in the crypto world. They started Presail after investing in over 400 presale deals, gaining valuable first-hand experience with the associated challenges and pain points.

Over $5M raised

Backed by the best.

Backed by remarkable VCs, and angels. Such as the CEO and Director of Product at AngelList, the founders of Sky Mavis and many more.

Why we’re doing this.

At our core, we believe that the traditional investment world is fundamentally flawed.

We recognize that early-stage investments carry greater risk, but we also understand that they offer the potential for significantly higher returns.

Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in these opportunities.

In recent years, Web 3.0 investment groups have revolutionized the private investment landscape, opening up new opportunities for individuals to participate in early-stage ventures. Our goal at Presail is to make these opportunities as accessible, secure, and compliant as possible.

Come work with us

Our offices are located in Oslo, but our team operates from everywhere, just like our clients. British, Spanish, Lebanese, American, Iranian, Norwegian, and Dutch, we’re as diverse as the communities we work with.

Built for the future.
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