Empower your brand and investors with their own dedicated portal.

Provide your investors with a portal to manage their investments, track vesting progress, and access a historical record of all related activities.

20 000 investors manage their investments on Presail.

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Presail is backed by Kraken Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Snö, Skyfall, Weekend Fund, the CEO of AngelList, and many more.

Avlok Kohli
Avlok Kohli
CEO, AngelList
AngelList Venture
Aleksander Larsen
Aleksander Larsen
COO, Sky Mavis / Axie Infinity
Sky Mavis / Axie
Avlok Kohli
Jessica Toy
Director of Product, AngelList
AngelList Venture
Weekend FundKraken VenturesSNÖSkyfallGFC

Deals overview

Streamline investor management and communication.

With the Investor Portal, your investors can easily manage their investments, track vesting progress, and stay informed about all related activities.

This streamlines the communication process, allowing you to provide a better investor experience.

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professional setup

Enhance your brand and investor loyalty.

The Investor Portal is a powerful branding tool that allows you to provide a seamless, professional experience to your investors. By providing a central hub for all investment-related activity, you can enhance your brand and increase investor loyalty.

This can lead to increased investment, referrals, and long-term growth for your business.

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Keep your investors informed with instant investment notifications.

Give your investors a source of truth. With Presail's real-time updates, changes to cap tables, refunds, and token distributions are immediately reflected in their investor portal.

Get rid of confusion and miscommunication by providing transparency and clarity to your members.

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“It’s a game changer. A necessity for investment groups wanting to scale.”

Marc · Co-founder of Dutch Crypto Investors
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An ambitious system for ambitious clients.

A system uniquely tailored to the people challenging the traditional way of investing.

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