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Navigating the complexities of compliance : how Cryptopia found a solution with Presail.

Discover how Presail helped Cryptopia with their compliance process and attract serious investors through a more secure and compliant investment experience.


Cryptopia is a compliance-focused investment group with a growing portfolio. They needed a solution that would help them streamline their compliance processes.


Cryptopia faced challenges in managing their compliance requirements. Their manual processes were time-consuming and they struggled to keep up with the latest regulations. This made it difficult to expand their investor base.


Cryptopia turned to Presail Compliance to help them manage their compliance requirements more efficiently. Our solution provides a comprehensive set of compliance tools, including AML risk detection and KYC verification. This allowed Cryptopia to automate many of their compliance tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources.


With Presail Compliance, Cryptopia was able to improve their compliance processes. They were able to quickly and easily verify the identity of their investors, ensuring that they were compliant with all regulatory requirements. This helped Cryptopia to scale their business and expand their investor base, ultimately leading to increased growth and success in the digital asset market.

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