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Increase your revenue by enabling our OTC Marketplace.

Keeping track of OTC trades, being a middle-man, and scaling while keeping an accurate cap table is next to impossible. We solved it.

35,000 people have invested $150M in 1700 projects through Presail.
FEATURE detail

Remove the middle-man &
keep an accurate cap table.

Let your investors consistently trade allocations. Fast settlements and recurring escrow fees are now available to you.

Fast settlement.

Increase your numbers of trades by settling faster, lowering abandoned trades.

New revenue stream.

Specify the wallet where you want your escrow fee, and the fee will automatically get settled when an OTC goes through.

Plug and play.

Click enable OTC, and approve or reject a trade in your dashboard. That's it. We do everything else.

Automatic cap table

Keep all allocations automatically updated at all times. Our system keeps track of all changes.

Spreadsheet compatible.

Have your cap table in Spreadsheets? Import it, and start OTC trading immediately.

Goodbye to fraudsters.

It just became impossible for scammers to impersonate one of your groups' admin.

Integrated payments.

All payments happen in your portal. With full support for the biggest wallet providers, such as Metamask.

Works with Investor Portal.

Allocation changes are reflected immediately for your investor in their Investor Portal.

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