Mozaic Finance

How Mozaic successfully reached their fundraising goal with Presail

Key achievements

Reduction in Operational Complexity
Faster Fundraising Cycles
Presail’s simple user experience and custom branding allowed us to provide an exceptional experience for our investors during our raise. It was critical for us that the platform was robust. We had a large number of investors that contributed simultaneously without experiencing any issues, and we reached our entire fundraising target in minutes.


Co-founder, Mozaic Finance

About Mozaic Finance

Mozaic is utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the world of yield farming and liquidity management. With a focus on multi-chain operations, they enable users to farm automatically on every blockchain, accepting deposits and withdrawals in various coins and LP tokens.

Mozaic Finance
Presail products adopted
Fundraising, Allocation Management, Investor Portal, Custom Branding

Challenges: the complexity of a large raise

As Mozaic's AI-driven yield farming solutions attracted a lot of different investors, managing the fundraising became complex. Traditional methods were time-consuming to develop and caused bottlenecks in launching a secure, on-brand fundraising campaign.

The turning point: the need for secure fundraising infrastructure

With so many investors coming on board, Mozaic recognized the need for a robust, specialized system that was tried-and-true, where they could rest assured that safety was a priority. They also wanted a system that felt very much like “Mozaic” – one that reflected their unique brand and identity.

The Presail solution: streamlined investment and allocation management

Tailored for companies like Mozaic, Presail offered a platform that balanced security with ease of use. With Presail’s tools, Mozaic could keep their investors informed and happy, all while making sure their unique branding shined through in a system that could successfully handle the magnitude of their raise.

"Beyond just the safety and durability of the system, it was essential for us to have a platform that investors would love to use. I needed it to be user-friendly and transparent, especially when it came to tracking investments and tokens. That is what we got with Presail"
– Calum, Co-founder, Mozaic Finance
The final Impact: satisfied investors, a successful raise, and a clear path for distributing tokens

The rewards of this collaboration were immediately evident. With the Presail integration, Mozaic seamlessly raised funds from all their investors without any roadblocks, reaching their fundraising target within minutes. They are now in the process of distributing tokens to their investors through Presail, and can keep their focus on what they do best: leading the way in AI-driven yield farming.

"Thanks to Presail’s platform, we successfully completed our raise. All we do now is send tokens to our investors through the platform whenever we have a new token unlock. The investors just use the investor portal to track everything, so don’t really need to do much else. We can just focus on building Mozaic."
– Calum, Co-founder, Mozaic Finance
Why Presail was the right fit for Mozaic
  • Streamlined Investment Management: Presail's robust fundraising infrastructure offered the security and durability Mozaic needed to manage the scale and magnitude of their raise.
  • Investor Engagement: The investor portal and custom branding features aligned well with Mozaic’s commitment to providing an excellent investor experience that was on brand.
  • Broad Toolset: Presail’s platform delivered the operational efficiency essential for Mozaic to address their fundraising needs, serve their investors, and distribute their tokens.

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