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Fundraising, investor management, and token vesting.

Infrastructure uniquely tailored to the people challenging the traditional way of investing.

35,000 people have invested $150M in 1700 projects through Presail.
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Presail product suitePresail product suite

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Operational tasks become obsolete.

Many operational tasks have become obsolete thanks to Presail. Not only does it save us time, but also significantly lowers the number of scam attempts.

Andy - DuckDAO
Head of Finance, DuckDAO
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How we handle everything.

Presail is essential to our daily activities. It’s how we handle everything from deal flow to vesting schedules to token distributions.

Kamran - MH ventures
Co-founder,  MH Ventures
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Extremely valuable.

The work which Presail are doing on compliance is excellent.  They are investing a lot of time and effort into ensuring their clients have the very best service. We have found their assistance in this area to be extremely valuable as we navigate through the complex world of compliance.

Richie - Cryptopia
COO,  Cryptopia Group
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A game changer.

With Presail, we have been able to simplify our entire token management and fundraising process in a safe and compliant way. We have eliminated the tedious task of maintaining updated spreadsheets.

Ian - Ferrum Network
COO, Ferrum Network
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Delightful to use.
Heavy on features.

Create investment opportunities for members in minutes. Set up multiple fee structures and allocation settings on a deal-by-deal basis.
Enable KYC and whitelist restrictions for added security and compliance.
Provide members with access to an investor portal for tracking investments, viewing performance, and staying informed about upcoming opportunities and distributions.
Token fundraising platform

Spread thin by spreadsheets?
Retake control.

Easily keep track of important data with accurate overviews and detailed breakdowns.
Keep your cap table and user information organized and up-to-date with ease.
Improve your team's workflow with a single, reliable source of truth.
Token cap table management
Token distribution & token vesting

Effortlessly distribute tokens to investors.

Streamline your operations and reduce the risk of errors with a reliable, secure platform that handles the details for you.
Keep your members informed of their vesting progress and upcoming distributions with ease, all without any extra effort on your part.
Simplify the complex process of token vesting and distribution, with automated features that save you time and effort.
Token vesting platform

Like an anti-virus.
We shield you from financial crime risk.

Protection: enable ID and biometric verification, and take advantage of Presail's KYC process, giving you full control of identifying if an investor is a risk so that you can do business confidently.
Vigilance: stay ahead of regulations and the ever-changing risk landscape through access to a range of compliance resources, including FAQ, templates, and risk reports tailored for your business.
Proactivity: rest assured that you are managing risk before it is too late, as Presail implements stringent systems to ensure AML, CTF, and sanctions compliance.
Web 3 compliance platform

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