Raise, manage and distribute tokens - all in one place.

Token management for web 3.0. Whether you're a VC, investment community, accelerator or a launchpad.

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Presail platform

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Automate your fundraising and receive contributions with no hassle

  • No need for google forms or spreadsheets
  • Transactions are verified automatically
  • Remove human errors
  • No need to reconcile with etherscan/bscan
  • Split SAFTs / mix rounds supported
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Trusted by the best organizations

We care about two things. Always being one DM away, and that you know you can trust us. That's why we invest in audits, security and regulatory assessments. And why the best brands like us.

Presail is also backed by Kraken Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Skyfall, Weekend Fund, the COO of Axie Infinity & more.

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