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Our vision

Crypto has made everybody an investor, significantly accelerating a broader trend toward democratized, decentralized, and community-driven investments. This enables individuals to leverage their audiences to become fund managers. Imagine a world where anyone can guide investment decisions - not just big, old, and slow institutions. It's a world where investing is open to all, shaped by communities.

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A global team for global impact

Our headquarters may be in Oslo, but our reach is global, much like our clientele. With team members hailing from Spain, Lebanon, the United States, Argentina, Iran, Norway, and Ireland, our diversity reflects the wide-ranging communities we proudly serve.

Benefits & perks

Premium heath insurance

Your well-being is our priority. Enjoy top-tier health insurance that gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on doing your best work.

Five weeks paid holiday

Achieve your best and then take the time to reset. Our 5-week paid holiday offering is designed to help you maintain peak performance year-round.

Stock options

Invest in your future while helping to grow ours. With our stock options, you're not just an employee; you're a stakeholder in our shared success.

Workstation stipend

Your workspace matters. Utilize our stipend to create a comfortable and productive environment, whether you're in the office or working from home.

Work remote

Flexibility fosters creativity. Enjoy the freedom to work from where you're most productive, be it your home, a café, or our well-equipped office.

Our values

More than words: values that drive our actions


Speak your mind, even when it's not the popular opinion. We value open dialogue and critical thinking.


Actively strive to understand our goals, our market, and our customers. An inquisitive mind is a growing one.


Show a results-oriented approach and consistently perform at a high level. We're here to make a difference.


Make decisions that look beyond the surface to identify root issues. Effective problem-solving starts with deep understanding.


Admit mistakes promptly and engage in straightforward communication, especially during disagreements.


Put the best ideas first, not your ego. Collaboration thrives when we seek excellence over credit.

Application process

1. Preliminary conversation

A brief call to go over your basic qualifications and see how well they align with our needs. You'll also get an overview of our hiring process.

2. In-depth interview with manager

Sit down with the department head for a more detailed discussion about the role and your technical skills. This is your chance to understand the job's specifics and showcase your expertise.

3. Skill assessment task

Complete a short, practical task designed to evaluate your hands-on skills. This will offer you a glimpse into the types of projects you might work on with us.

4. Team and culture introduction

Spend time meeting our team and learning about our work culture. The goal is to make sure there's a good mutual fit when it comes to values and goals.

Come work with us

Open positions


Be part of our Dev team, where cutting-edge technology meets innovative problem-solving to redefine investment infrastructure.

Senior Rails Developer

Join us as a Senior Rails Developer, where you'll be at the forefront of developing innovative features that significantly enhance our customers' experience.



Be part of our Dev Team, where cutting-edge technology meets innovative problem-solving to redefine investment infrastructure.

Senior DevOps Engineer

Join us as the founding OPS Team Lead to redefine the reliability and security of our app's delivery.



Join our Finance Team, where precision and strategic insight drive the financial backbone of our organization.

Financial Controller

Join us as the foundational Financial Controller to redefine financial stewardship within our company, ensuring operational excellence and strategic insight shape our financial future.