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How 300 DAO streamlined  their investment process with Presail.

Discover how Presail helped 300 DAO, a professional investment group, streamline their deal flow, manage their vesting schedules, and distribute tokens efficiently, all with one all-in-one platform.


300 DAO is a group of professional investors with a wealth of experience in the industry. They were looking for an all-in-one solution to streamline their investment process and take it to the next level. They turned to Presail to help them achieve their goals.


As experienced investors, 300 DAO understood the importance of having a streamlined process to manage their deals. However, they were struggling to keep up with the manual work of tracking deal progress, managing cap tables, and distributing tokens. They needed a platform that could handle all these tasks in one place.


Presail offered 300 DAO the all-in-one solution they were looking for. With Presail, they were able to manage their deal flow, track vesting schedules, and distribute tokens seamlessly. The platform provided them with the automation and scalability they needed to take their investment process to the next level.


With Presail as their go-to platform, 300 DAO has been able to handle all aspects of their investment process with ease. They are able to manage deal flow, distribute tokens, and track vesting schedules in one centralized location. The automation and scalability provided by Presail has allowed them to focus on what they do best - growing their business.

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