300 DAO

How 300 DAO modernized their investment workflow with Presail

Key achievements

Decrease in manual task management.
Increase in investment efficiency.
“Presail came like a breath of fresh air. What used to be an exhausting maze of spreadsheets and manual checks has been transformed into a seamless, automated workflow. Our efficiency is through the roof.”


Co-founder, 300 DAO

About 300 DAO

300 DAO is a collective of seasoned professional investors. They are experts in identifying the right investment opportunities but were struggling with manual processes that impeded their effectiveness. Their goal was to find an all-in-one platform to manage deals, simplify fundraising, and token distribution.

300 DAO
Presail products adopted
Fundraising, Token Distributions, Compliance, OTC Marketplace, Allocation Management

From chaos to streamlined: conquering manual constraints

Before Presail: the overwhelming complexity of investment management

300 DAO's strengths in strategic investment were getting overshadowed by time-consuming manual processes. The manual labor involved in deal tracking, allocation management, and token distribution was draining, affecting both internal operations and investor satisfaction.

The turning point: one platform to rule them all

Realizing the inefficiencies of their manual processes, 300 DAO turned to Presail. Intrigued by its comprehensive suite of investment management tools, they found the solution they'd been seeking.

The Presail solution: transforming investment workflows

With Presail, 300 DAO found their perfect match. Not only did they efficiently manage deal flows, but they could also easily handle token distributions and vesting schedules. The automation features turned out to be a game-changer, freeing the team from monotonous manual tasks.

"The capabilities of Presail are astounding. From deal management to token distribution, every feature comes together to form a harmonious workflow. It’s a one-stop solution for us."
— Kamran, Co-founder, 300 DAO

The impact: skyrocketing efficiency, paving way for growth

After implementing Presail, 300 DAO saw an immediate 80% reduction in manual tasks and a 60% increase in operational efficiency. This newfound efficiency allowed them to concentrate on their core objective—strategic investment, and effective fund management.

"Presail allowed us to elevate our efficiency levels dramatically. We can now focus on what we're best at—sourcing and managing stellar investment opportunities." said Kamran.

Why Presail was the right fit for 300 DAO
  • Centralized platform: Presail's platform offers centralized deal management, eliminating the need for disparate tools.
  • Automation meets efficiency: Presail’s comprehensive automation features led to a significant reduction in time and manual effort, enabling 300 DAO to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Scalable solutions: Presail's scalable solutions were precisely what 300 DAO needed to keep up with their aggressive growth plans.

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