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Senior Rails Developer

Our vision
Crypto has made everybody an investor, significantly accelerating a broader trend toward democratized, decentralized, and community-driven investments. This enables individuals to leverage their audiences to become fund managers. Imagine a world where anyone can guide investment decisions - not just big, old, and slow institutions. It's a world where investing is open to all, shaped by communities…

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About us

At Presail, we make Web3 investment infrastructure. We’re on a mission to make it possible for retail investors to invest in startups that are not yet openly traded on public exchanges, and use Web3 technology to remove the barriers in traditional finance that have made venture investing inaccessible to anyone other than the rich and well-connected.

Presail was founded in 2021 and was originally built to help crypto investors correctly report their taxes. After working on an investor-oriented product for a while, we realised that the best way to serve the investors in the Web3 space was to make tools for the projects and the investment funds they were investing in. Today, our platform helps investment communities and projects raise funds, vest tokens, and manage their investors, in a safe and compliant way. The verdict from our customers is clear: Presail helps them stay on top of everything, it reduces scams and fraud, and it plays a crucial part in their compliance work.

We pride ourselves on making a big impact with a small team. Our team of 11 people works to deliver an exceptional product and customer service that places our clients first. Our offices are located in Oslo, but we are a remote-friendly company that hires from anywhere in the world.

Our values

More than words: values that drive our actions


Speak your mind, even when it's not the popular opinion. We value open dialogue and critical thinking.


Actively strive to understand our goals, our market, and our customers. An inquisitive mind is a growing one.


Show a results-oriented approach and consistently perform at a high level. We're here to make a difference.


Make decisions that look beyond the surface to identify root issues. Effective problem-solving starts with deep understanding.


Admit mistakes promptly and engage in straightforward communication, especially during disagreements.


Put the best ideas first, not your ego. Collaboration thrives when we seek excellence over credit.

About the role

Title: Senior Rails Developer
Type: Remote
Location: Europe or US East-Coast Time Zone
Salary: Between €80.000 - €100.000/year + ESOP

As a Senior Ruby on Rails Developer in the Presail Development team, your main mission will be to make new features that our customers and community will love.

Over the last two years, we have built an unmatched suite of features. Presail lets you raise funds, KYC your users, vest tokens, and even facilitate second-hand trading between investors inside a single platform. A crucial focus area for us going forward will be to ensure we keep raising the bar for the level of polish and product-thinking that go into the future updates we make to our app. 

For this role in particular, we’re placing special emphasis on finding a responsible and proactive developer who can contribute to improving the development team’s internal QA processes. If you have a good eye for details and enjoy spending time on that last 10% of a feature that makes it functional to enjoyable, you may be a great fit for our team.

You cannot build and maintain a high-quality product without a codebase of the same calibre. In the Presail development team we believe strongly in continuous refactoring and automated testing, and are looking for someone who enjoys actively making time for both. If you are an experienced Ruby on Rails developer who enjoys building groundbreaking products as much as you enjoy writing readable, maintainable and performant code, we look forward to hearing from you.

What you’ll do

Here are some examples of the challenges the Presail team currently has on its plate:

  • Making Presail Lighthouse, our new and improved KYC portal, as part of a multi-week effort of focused development
  • Making a Rails fixture importer/exporter, which lets us populate our review app databases with seed data from Rails fixture YAML files, and vice-versa! 
  • Expanding our generic table view component to include advanced options like hiding/showing columns, filtering, sorting searching, and CSV export.
  • Making our Web3 Payment Javascript library into the most reliable payment  processor on the market

Working on continuous product improvements and bug duty as part of our product improvement sprints

What you’ll need


  • Strong Ruby on Rails and Javascript/Typescript development skills
  • A passion for shipping quality products, with a high level of polish
  • An ability to breakdown difficult problems and make solutions that seem simple
  • The ability to write code that is readable, maintainable, and performant
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • You’re a great team player and an all-around good colleague


  • Prior Hotwire or Stimulus experience
  • Familiarity with Web3 and blockchain
  • Any experience with the rest of our stack: 
    - PostgreSQL
    - Redis
    - Wagmi
    - Tailwins
    - Yarn or NPM
  • Previous experience working in a startup or scale-up. We work in a rapidly evolving space, so it helps if you feel comfortable in a space where your day-to-day priorities are subject to change as external conditions change

What we offer

Excellent pay + Benefits that few other companies can match

  • €80 000 - €100 000 salary, depending on your seniority and how well you fit the role
  • Meaningful co-ownership through our employee stock option plan. 
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation time, in addition to your national holidays
  • Premium health insurance, including dental and vision insurance
  • A workstation stipend. We’ll set you up with the work computer of your dreams!
  • Flexibility: Work from anywhere in the world. Begin and end your workday whenever you want
  • Boundaries: The work week is 40 hours. We won’t ask you to put in anything more than that.

Apply now!

Does this sound like the perfect job for you? Apply now. If you have relevant skills and experience, we will invite you to an intro interview with our CTO, Tomas Veiden. 

If you don’t meet the exact requirements but still think that what we do is awesome? Apply anyway - we’d like to get in touch!

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Benefits & perks

Premium heath insurance

Your well-being is our priority. Enjoy top-tier health insurance that gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on doing your best work.

Five weeks paid holiday

Achieve your best and then take the time to reset. Our 5-week paid holiday offering is designed to help you maintain peak performance year-round.

Stock options

Invest in your future while helping to grow ours. With our stock options, you're not just an employee; you're a stakeholder in our shared success.

Workstation stipend

Your workspace matters. Utilize our stipend to create a comfortable and productive environment, whether you're in the office or working from home.

Work remote

Flexibility fosters creativity. Enjoy the freedom to work from where you're most productive, be it your home, a café, or our well-equipped office.