State of Presales 2022

Let's do a full recap of the crazy year we've had.

Everything you need to know about the state of presales in 2022, and what to expect for 2023.


State of presales 2022

The Presale Survey

How do investment groups actually operate? How do they bring in new members, and what fee do they take? Time to get a real peak at the market.

Demographics, operations, investment strategies, their thoughts on the ecosystem... all you need to know from our annual survey.

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South America scores high on the list of cryptocurrency owners worldwide, but it's a whole other story when talking about the presale space.

Asia and Europe have come the furthest when it comes to running investment groups, with Turkey topping the list having the most participants in the survey.

If we look at the age of the people running these investment groups, people from 25 to 34 are predominant.

One of our goals at Presail is to make early-stage investment opportunities accessible for everyone, regardless of where you're from or what age you are.


Which platform is best for running investment groups? Telegram and Discord have been the top choices, with a tight advantage for Telegram, according to our survey.

Without any doubt, most investment groups were established in 2021 - that makes sense considering the bull run we had last year. However, it's great to see that they're still going strong, considering the crazy events we've had in the last months.

Luna is out, as well as FTX.
But investment groups? They're just getting started.

One of the benefits of joining an investment group in the current market: no entrance fee. 84,21% of the groups surveyed state that joining is completely free. That was not the case back in the bull market last year.

Before investing

Networking and partnerships are the most frequent way investment groups find new investment opportunities. This shows how interconnected investments groups are.

Doing thorough due diligence is more important than ever, and investment groups are more selective and careful in the current market.

Data shows that the typical investment group spends around one week on due diligence before investing.

When investing

If you thought investment groups were on break because of the FTX disaster and the media mayhem it created? Think again.

According to data, 73.68% are still actively investing.

While 84,21% think they'll invest more next year.

Interesting fact, 80% of the groups' owners invested alongside their members in 2022.

By the way, 5% of the investment groups we surveyed were offering refunds in cases of negative ROI.

Their thoughts on the ecosystem

We're moving towards more regulated times in the crypto presale space, and most investment groups agree.

MiCA (Regulation of Markets in Crypto-assets), the EU's framework for regulating crypto assets in the EU, is on its way and will change how investment groups and other Web3 companies can operate. We're diving deeper into this topic at the end of the report.

We also asked the investment groups about the benefits of raising funds from them over a traditional VC and highlighted the opinions we saw the most.


State of presales 2022

The Presail Data

We took a look under the hood.

See how the investment space responded to the market going from bull to bear, but more importantly - are we heading in the right direction?

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Under the hood

Luna in May. Celsius in June. FTX in November.

2022 was crazy.

The crypto market was tested several times, and we're in the middle of "crypto winter," still feeling the ripple effect of all the scandals.

How did that affect the presale space?

We're opening our doors and sharing our data, showing you the developments month after month through the most insane year in crypto's history.

State of presales 2022

CoinList's ROI

Over 10 million users... CoinList is of the most known crowdfunding platforms allowing early adaptors to invest in tokens before they launch.

What would happen if you invested in every project listed on CoinList? Let's take a look.

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State of presales 2022

The Future of Presales

We're all still early to the crypto presale space.

4.2% of the world's population owns crypto.
Over 95% of those haven't heard about presales.

Let's get Presail's founders' input on presales' future.

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The founder's prediction for 2023

The law changing is a solid sign that companies in Web3 will have to be more compliant next year. We will see new standards and requirements for how all Web3 companies can operate.

MiCA, the EU’s framework for regulating crypto, will provide the framework for what will become the governing law in the next couple of years (likely accepted in 2023 and fully implemented in 2024), after the details and standards have been worked out by the EU commission.

MICA’s aim is to protect consumers and investors while still broadly allowing the development of digital assets, and it will impact every company or institution that wants to develop a crypto asset or Web3 project - including investment groups. They will have to get a VASP license in order to operate legally.

As a result of that, we’ll have way more serious actors operating in the space, investment groups and projects will have to adapt to comply with new rules, and doing proper due diligence will be more important than ever.

With that said, we believe investment groups will play a more prominent role than ever in funding new startups. The groups are maturing, and projects are starting to see that it's more valuable to be backed by a thousand dedicated community members instead of a traditional, self-funded VC.

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