What's included? Absolutely everything.

Move away from a scattered workflow, to having everything in one place. Experience what it's like to have everything synced and in unision. You will never have to double check transactions, validate allocations, and update spreadsheets ever again.

Unlock the same system that powers the best investment communities in web 3.

92% of our customers come from using Spreadsheets, Google Forms, Airtable, Hubspot, Notion, Disperse and blockchain explorers.

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$800/m +
0.50%  of funds raised
Used by some of the best investment groups in web 3
MARSDAO logoVespertine CapitalDuckDAOMH venturesYSC logoKraferz logoLegion Ventures logoFerrum Network logoDCI logo
And many more…
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Deals management

Are you overwhelmed with your current workflow?

Track deal status, update project information, and manage everything related to your deals in one place. You can also import pre-existing deals or add spreadsheets to running deals.

Investors get to see data on P&L, when they receive token distributions and how far along the vesting schedule they are.

  • Deal management
Presail supported chains: Ethereum, Binance, Avalanche, Polygon and FantomPresail workflow


“Thanks to Presail, we have automated a lot of operational tasks in our investment group. We use Presail to manage our deals, collect contributions, and get detailed allocation overviews of all our investors. Not only does this save us time, but it also helps us reduce scam-attempts by a significant amount.”

Andy - Head of Finance
Presail security and compliance audits


Think of us as partners. We are devoted to always being a DM away.

Our philosophy is trust and availability. We’re always a DM away. And invest in audits, regulatory assessments, and security rundowns - so you’ll have the most secure and reliant tool at your disposal.


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The Presail team has over 50 years of experience in development, security, finance, and design.

We strive to define how token management will work in web 3.0 at a root level and are proud to serve and be trusted by the best organizations.

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Presail is backed by Kraken Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Snö, Skyfall, Weekend Fund, the CEO of AngelList, and many more.

Avlok Kohli
Avlok Kohli
CEO, AngelList Venture
AngelList Venture
Aleksander Larsen
Aleksander Larsen
COO, Sky Mavis / Axie Infinity
Sky Mavis / Axie
Weekend FundKraken VenturesSNÖSkyfallGFC
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