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How PG Capital seamlessly transitioned and optimized back office operations with Presail

Key achievements

Decrease in manual task management.
Increase in investment efficiency.
“Presail’s tools have been instrumental in our transition from legacy systems. We seamlessly migrated vast amounts of data and streamlined our back office operations, enhancing our agility in the ever-evolving blockchain space.”


Co-founder, PG Capital

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PG has built a solid foundation focused on creating an ecosystem designed to empower people and incubate businesses.

PG Capital
Presail products adopted
Imports, Fundraising, Allocation Management, Investor Portal

Challenges: transitioning legacy data & streamlining back office operations

PG Capital faced challenges in migrating vast amounts of legacy data to newer, more agile systems. Their back office operations, essential for their quantitative strategies, needed optimization to keep pace with the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape.

The turning point: Seeking Seamless Data Transition & Enhanced Back Office Tools

To maintain their competitive edge, PG Capital recognized the need for efficient data migration tools and an enhanced back office system. They turned to Presail, drawn by the promising capabilities of the "Imports" and "Allocation Management" tools.

The Presail solution: Effortless Data Migration & Optimized Operations

With Presail's "Imports" tool, PG Capital experienced an effortless transition from their legacy systems, ensuring data consistency and integrity. The "Allocation management" tool provided them with a centralized system to manage and analyze vast amounts of data, crucial for their investment strategies.

"The transition was smoother than we anticipated. Presail’s tools ensured we didn't miss a beat, allowing us to continue delivering top-tier investment strategies without interruption."— Alexandra, CEO, PG Capital
The impact: Seamless Transition & Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The adoption of Presail’s tools led to a dramatic improvement in PG Capital’s operational efficiency. The seamless data migration combined with the advanced capabilities of the "Allocation Management" tool allowed them to focus on strategic decision-making and maintain their leadership in the DeFi space.

"Presail has been a cornerstone in our journey towards greater efficiency and agility. With these tools, we’re poised to continue leading in the blockchain and DeFi sectors."— Alexandra, CEO, PG Capital
Why Presail was the right fit for PG Capital
  • Effortless Data Migration: The "Imports" tool ensured a seamless transition from legacy systems, preserving data integrity.
  • Optimized Back Office Operations: Presail’s Allocation Management" tool enhanced PG Capital's operational efficiency, allowing them to navigate the complexities of the DeFi landscape with precision.
  • Future-ready Solutions: With Presail’s forward-thinking tools, PG Capital is equipped to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency investments.

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