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Revolutionizing Investment in Gaming: Presail Partners with Ronin

Revolutionizing Investment in Gaming: Presail Partners with Ronin
Written by
Milad Mirshahi
Published on
January 9, 2024

A Groundbreaking Partnership Takes Flight in the Ronin Ecosystem

We're excited to announce a transformative partnership with Ronin, a powerhouse in the blockchain gaming industry. This alliance marks a significant leap forward in our journey to become the leading investment infrastructure for crypto.

As the leading the leading platform for early-stage investments in Web 3.0, facilitated over $200 million in investments from 50,000 individuals. We provide user-friendly tools for fundraising, token vesting, and OTC trading. We also provide compliance services to help you stay compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) regulations.

Now, Presail is set to become the key infrastructure powering fundraising and token distributions on the Ronin chain.

Unlocking New Opportunities: The Ronin and Presail Synergy

  • Seamless Fundraising: Projects can now raise funds with RON and distribute Ronin chain tokens to thousands of investors in a single transaction.
  • Lowering Barriers: This collaboration allows new projects and game studios to fundraise and distribute tokens on Ronin efficiently.
  • Expanding Reach: Presail's extensive clientele of investors has direct access to Ronin's innovative gaming projects.

From the Community, For the Community

This partnership is more than infrastructure—it empowers the Ronin community. We're simplifying how community members connect with top-tier investment groups and syndicates, which is crucial for financing and supporting new gaming experiences on Ronin.

A word from Sebastian Almnes, CEO of Presail:

We're thrilled to bridge our network of investors with the innovative gaming projects in the Ronin ecosystem. Granting communities access to early-stage investments while bolstering secure funding avenues for projects. This partnership is a step towards making blockchain gaming investments more accessible and impactful.

Join the Revolution: A New Era for Blockchain Gaming Investments

This collaboration between Ronin and Presail isn't just enhancing our capabilities; it's reshaping the entire landscape of blockchain gaming investments. By unlocking unparalleled access for the gaming community, simplifying the process of exploring and investing in game projects, we invite you to be part of this transformative journey. Together, let's build a more inclusive, dynamic, and prosperous ecosystem for builders and the community.

Read Ronin's announcement post here:

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